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Rex Johnsonbaugh Potomac-RSRSince I was old enough to remember I’ve held a fishing rod. those fond memories of the first mornings of Trout Season or the trips to Canada every summer with the family fishing for Northern Pike, or just going to the lake enjoying the moment and the serenity. I have always enjoyed the sport of fishing, the friendship and the family times that are spent together.

Rex Johnsonbaugh has always dreamed of one day perhaps fishing on the competitive level. Until a few years back though, he never thought he would actually (like most people) be able to accomplish this dream. Rex Johnsonbaugh watched the television shows that made it look so easy, went to the lakes around the area, watched some of weigh-ins, looked at all the big bass rigs, all the gear they had, thinking to myself, “this could never be me”.

That’s been about 12 years or so now since the first season. Now, I fish out of one of those Big Bass Rigs and have about 20 or so rods and more tackle than I could ever use!

I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing me the opportunities to be able to pursue my dreams in the Sport of Bass Fishing. But with all that, I have gained something more important than anything…the respect for our Natural Resources and the Preservation of Bass Fishing.

One of things competing as a Professional Bass Angler has done is to give me many opportunities to promote the sport of fishing to our youth. I can now educate people, I can be the role model to help our youth continue the conservation and love for the outdoors that I have. This is by far my biggest challenge each year to participate in as many youth fishing events as possible and to continue to bring more kids into fishing. Remember, Fishing is Fun!


To be the best angler that I can be, while remembering those who helped me along the way. I want to be the angler that people look up to. It’s not about winning when you really look at it. It’s about being a good role model in  whatever you choose to do.

As a competitor I want to be the angler that is good, well known, respected and a threat to win every time I am on the water. But when I am off the water, I want to remain down to earth, and remember just where it is I came from.

I also want to be able to promote my Partners as best I can. Being able to help them progress as they have helped me. It is my goal to continue into Professional Bass fishing, progressing further into competitive angling.

  • 2002 Club Angler of the Year.
  • 2003 Largemouth Lunker of the Year Award, 5lb 9 oz.
  • 2004 Largemouth Lunker of the Year Award, 6lb 9oz.
  • 2005 Club Angler of the Year.
  • 2005 Smallmouth Lunker of the Year Award, 5lb 10oz..
  • 2006 48th Place Finish Bass CITGO Elite Series – Potomac River, MD.
  • 2006 51st Place Finish Bass CITGO Elite Series – Santee Cooper, SC.
  • 31 Top 3 finishes in 42 Club events, including 11 Wins.
  • 3rd Place in Jims Anchorage Series Classic, Lake Raystown, PA.
  • 16th Place finish in 2005 BASS Citgo Southern Open, Lake Norman,
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